Our lesson plans are designed to include all areas of development and education: math, science, history, art, fine & gross motor skills, reading readiness skills, writing, social studies, and self-help skills.

Monthly themes & events:

Letters: J, W, B
       Themes: Blue, Diamond, Winter, Winter Animals, Store
       Events: Parent/Teacher Conferences, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Letters: F, V, L, H
       Themes: Dental Health, Heart, Pink, Friendship, Restaurant
       Events: Dental Health Presentation, Valentineís Day Party, Field Trip to Audubon Society,
                  Presidentís Day

Letters: M, Y, K, C
       Themes: Books, Yellow, Shamrock, Farm
       Events: St. Patrickís Day Party, Picture Day

Letters: A, U, S, X
       Themes: Spring, Rabbits, Oval, Purple, Farm
       Events: Earth Day Celebration, Celebrate the Week of the Young Child at the Boys
                   & Girls Club

       Letters: E, Q, Z, I
       Themes: Motherís Day, Rectangle, Flowers, Brown, Community Helpers
       Events: Raise and Release Butterflies, Memorial Day

       Themes: All shapes, Rainbows, Fatherís Day, Graduation Theme
       Events: Presentation from a Fishery Biologist, Graduation

       Themes: Independence Day, Red, White, Blue, Camping, Star, Nursery Rhymes, Pets,
                    Teddy Bears
       Events: Outside Sprinklers

Themes: Summer Foods, Insects, Ocean/Beach
       Events: Outside Sprinklers

Themes: Red, Circle, New Friends, Apples
       Events: Kids on the Block Puppet Show, Presentation from a Fishery Biologist

Letters: O, T. P
       Themes: Orange, Fire Safety, Triangle, Pumpkins, Fire House
       Events: October Party, Pumpkin Carving, Fire Safety Presentation from Sparky & Fall River
                  Firefighters, Columbus Day

       Letters: N, R
       Themes: Family, Fall, Brown, Rectangle, Home
       Events: Thanksgiving, Veteranís Day

Letters: D, G
       Themes: Red, Green, Square, Giving, Store
       Events: Holiday Party, Christmas Caroling, Food & Toy Drive for Womenís Center, Field Trip to
                  Adam's House